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Perfect Compliment to Restoration

Replica green walls are playing an essential part in today's renovation and restoration projects. Many projects include at least one space that is just too costly or time consuming to completely restore, in these instances VistaGreen is the perfect, green, biophilic design element to add. With quick installation and zero maintenance at a fraction of the cost of most restoration procedures, VistaGreen is trending in commercial and residential restoration, renovation projects.

Restoration Project

The marble behind this VistaGreen wall was in too poor of a condition to restore, VistaGreen was the perfect solution as a living green wall wouldn't thrive in the current lighting conditions.

Multi-Family Renovation Project

VistaGreen is the maintenance-free go to for luxury and high-end, multi-resident projects. Both new construction and renovated, repurposed buildings are seeing the value & beauty of VistaGreen.

Wall Greening and Beautification

VistaGreen is has a short installation window, needs zero irrigation or special lighting but provides the exact same greening effect and wonderful biophilic benefits to interior and exterior landscape.

Visual Screening
Noise Reduction

VistaGreen offers the perfect combination of green beautification for unsightly maintenance areas and equipment areas. Along with eliminating the unsightly object, VistaGreen muffles and deflects noise emitted from loud machinery, A/C units etc, improving these trouble areas of common commercial construction projects.


  • Fire Rated and UltraViolet Technology
  • Five Year US Warranty
  • Installation Experts in US, Canada, Mexico
  • Minimal Upkeep Needed
  • Recyclable 
  • Patent-Pending Horticulture Design